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Unofficial Developer's Guide to HL7v3 Basics by Shamil Nizamov

Published: May 20, 2014

Updated: July 11, 2016

Number of pages: 123

Format: PDF

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HL7 Book Description

Both the HL7 standard and software development methodology exist at a sufficiently high level of abstraction to support multiple interoperability requirements, even when these requirements conflict with each other. Some newbies portray HL7v3 as a "silver-bullet" solution. Unfortunately, neither HL7v3 nor separate components of the standard such as HL7 Reference Information Model (aka RIM) are "solutions". They are just new layers that separate end-user applications from the communication media, not a fundamental change in how data is communicated in existing computing infrastructure.

This HL7 book introduces readers to HL7 version 3 to the point that they are confident enough to start building their own healthcare data exchange HL7 interfaces. The book explains topics such as what is HL7 standard, HL7 message types, HL7 codes.

This HL7 book strives to teach you HL7v3 standard conventions by referencing to HL7v3 Normative Edition and implementing request and response messages for an imaginary Eligibility Query Service. The implementation of the service is based on default (universal) and localized XML schemas. The validation and conformance review process of the implemented messages is also explained.


Chapter 1Systems Integration Requirements
Chapter 2HL7v3 Implementation Guides
Chapter 3HL7v3 Messaging Basics
Chapter 4Introduction to Domain
Chapter 5Building UV Realm Interactions
Chapter 6Designing Localized Interactions
Chapter 7HL7 Conformance Concepts
Chapter 8HL7v3 Implementation Toolkits
A:Archive Content
B:Schemas automated copy routine
C:XML schema validation
D:Schematron validation


The authot of this book is available for remote HL7 consulting work. Skills that I can bring to your projects are:

  • HL7v2 modeling and conformance: Messaging Workbench
  • HL7v3 modeling and conformance: RMIM Designer, V3Generator, XMLSpy
  • CDA/CCD modeling and conformance: XSD, Schematron, conformance testing
  • Systems integration: Mirth Connect, Java, JavaScript, XSLT
  • If you have any questions, please contact me by email given below.

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